San Diego, CA – Our City San Diego recently ran a feature in which it names Keith Jones, ACE Parking managing principal, as the “Most Influential” in matters relating to San Diego business. The article noted Jones’ famed pedigree as being partially responsible for his influence, but was also quick to make clear that Jones’ success in the business world had a great deal to do with his own actions.

Jones is only 32, yet he is the head of a company that has 450 locations and 5,000 employees. It is very rare to find a man of Jones’ relative youth and immense success who also possesses a very real sense of humility, a trait he attributes in the article to his forebears.

“I’ve been taught by my grandfathers to be engaged civically,” he said. “A good amount of people have taught me humility and gratitude.”

Jones has indeed been engaged civically. Jones himself has become known throughout the San Diego community for his charitable endeavors, while his company has championed a number of green initiatives aimed at helping to protect the environment.

Despite his clear success in business, Jones has remained grounded and still maintains a clear understanding of what he hopes to be able to accomplish through his position.

“I want to continue to find ways to be as effective as possible as a community leader,” said Jones.

The article in Our City San Diego makes clear that Jones is well on his way to achieving this personal goal, while also noting that he is not shy about relying on others for assistance. It is frequently the case that individuals in Jones’ position lose sight of what is important and what is right, yet Jones continues to heed the sage advice of his grandfathers, the late Evan Jones, who founded ACE Parking, and Malin Burnham, a noted philanthropist. According to the article, Jones “still goes to his granddad for advice.”

It is clear that Jones has become one of San Diego’s “Most Influential” through an outstanding work ethic and an excellent ability to recognize wisdom worth heeding.

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