SAN DIEGO, CA – ACE Parking Management, Inc., one of North America’s largest privately-owned parking management companies announced today that it has installed the first Electric Vehicle Chargers in Downtown San Diego.

ACE Parking partnered with ECOtality to install three Blink Level 2 Pedestal Charging Stations at 1246 4th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101, leading the regional parking management industry in the installations of these charging stations in a metropolitan area.

The three Blink Level 2 Pedestal Charging Stations include the new J1772 technology, which has become the North American standard for electrical connectors for electric vehicles.

In the next sixth months, ACE Parking plans to install even more charging stations at an additional seven to 10 locations throughout downtown San Diego. ACE Parking is pleased to install these charging stations all over San Diego so that the growing number of San Diegans with electric vehicles can have accessible options for “filling up” their vehicles and reducing their carbon footprint.

“The San Diego region leads the entire nation in electric vehicle adoption, with more plug-in vehicles per capita today on San Diego roadways than anywhere else in the United States. We’re fast approaching 1,000 electric vehicles in the County, and by this time next year we’ll likely see 5,000 or more,” said Mike Ferry, Transportation Programs Manager for the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE).

“This downtown installation by ACE Parking of public-access electric vehicle chargers provides great visibility to the infrastructure that will soon become more and more common throughout San Diego,” Ferry said. “CCSE salutes ACE Parking for their leadership in supporting electric vehicle transportation, and for helping to bring jobs and other economic and environmental benefits to our region.”

ACE Parking has already installed charging stations in San Francisco and has plans to install them in Houston and Phoenix within the next month.

“As a company founded and headquartered in San Diego, we are extremely proud to install the first of these new electric vehicle charging stations in downtown San Diego”, said Keith Jones, Managing Principal at ACE Parking. “These are just three of many more chargers to come. We support the City of San Diego’s partnership with ECOtality and want to encourage other local businesses to install charging stations so that going green through EV transportation can be as easy as possible for our residents. “

ACE Parking is helping to lead San Diego in our community’s effort to go green through electric vehicle transportation. We encourage other businesses to step up and do the same by installing as many EV charging stations as possible.

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About ACE Parking
ACE Parking Management, Inc. (a California Corporation) was founded in 1950 and is one of the largest privately held parking companies in the country. Celebrating 60 years of superior customer service, ACE Parking continues to lead the industry with strict and attentive auditing procedures and consistently increasing clients’ parking revenues. Headquartered in San Diego, ACE Parking manages over 450 locations throughout seven states, serving nearly 200,000 customers per day.

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