There’s a massive revolution happening. In the streets of every community. Outside your workplace. A few steps from your front door. And even in your car.

It’s not a political revolution. But it is world-changing. In fact, it’s already changing the world around us (and our lives) in powerful ways no one yet fully understands.

I call it the Mobility Revolution.

And rather than signs or loudspeakers, the tools of this revolution are the driverless car, predictive vehicle software, “smart” cities, micro transit and alternative modes of travel, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, the coming Age of the Drones, and more.

I’ve been intimately involved in journey and parking management my whole life. In fact, I oversee a nationally recognized company in this industry that was founded by my grandfather nearly 70 years ago.

As such, I spend much of my time pondering, studying, discussing, strategizing, and giving speeches about the Mobility Revolution.

And because the consequences of this revolution are so profound for each one of us (and our children), I started this blog to provide readers with insightful “insider” analysis you can’t find anywhere else. Sometimes controversial, sometimes human and funny, always thought-provoking.

I’m Keith B. Jones. Welcome to my blog, Power2Go.

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