During the month of January, recipients of the ACE Team Member of the Quarter Award for 4th Quarter 2017 were individually recognized by local management and presented with a commemorative certificate in honor of their achievement.

The Team Member of the Quarter award is designed to recognize individuals who have exhibited exceptional professionalism while on the job. They embody ACE’s prized values of integrity, accountability, leadership, and quality service and routinely demonstrate ACE Parking’s motto: “Every Thank You Earned.”

We would like to share some of the stories and photos behind the 4th Quarter 2017 award selections with you.

San Diego Hotel Division Awardee: Ghazwan Abdulrahman, Valet at Marriott Gaslamp

“Ghazwan Abdulrahman was selected as Team Member of the Quarter for his outstanding customer service and going above and beyond expectations.  Ghazwan was talking to Ms. Robinson, a guest at the hotel, and found out that she left her wallet in her colleague’s car.  Her mobile phone battery had died and she had no way to contact her colleague.  She was distressed because she couldn’t charge her phone.  Ghazwan went above and beyond by giving her his own money and directing her to the nearest 7-Eleven so she could buy a phone charger.  Ms. Robinson was extremely thankful for Ghazwan’s help.”  -Que Tran, Valet Manager at SD Marriott Gaslamp Quarter

Thanks to his quick and selfless decision to assist a customer in distress by providing her with means to charge her phone, Ghazwan earned a well-deserved thank you from Ms. Robinson, SD Marriott and ACE!

Irvine Company Awardee: Sonia Lara, Receptionist at MacArthur Court, Newport Beach

“She [Sonia] is always smiling and is a customer service pro. We get so many compliments about Sonia from our customers and clients that we had to give her an award. Well deserved.”  -Michael Schuster, Regional Director, Irvine Company Portfolio 

Los Angeles/Orange County Awardee: Rosa Diaz De Hueso, Valet at Courtyard Marriott, Santa Monica

“Rosa Diaz De Hueso “America Diaz” has been a great asset and a great associate for ACE for over a year. During every shift that she has worked, she has been passionate about delivering high-level service to our guests and having a big smile on her face.

During the 4th quarter, America has been instrumental in improving our auditing and ensuring that each vehicle is being charged. This includes following up on any hot cars and collecting a payment method. As a result, America has developed a process which the morning staff continues to follow, even in her absence. She has provided training to the staff on the auditing procedures and posting credit card revenue that has been collected from the Flash Parking System into the hotel’s FOSSE system to help reconcile our month-to-date revenue figures with the hotel. Furthermore, she has developed a strong relationship with the hotel staff and has constantly interacted with the General Manager, Billy Dye, and Assistant General Manager, Yuni Hunter. She has accomplished all this after giving birth to her third son, Aiden, back in July.”  -Fathi Abdulkarim, Greater LA/OC Area Manager

Pacific Northwest Awardee: Mayra Aquino, Administrator at Lincoln Square, Seattle

(Pictured above: Lincoln Square Manager, Ashley Wong (left), presenting to Mayra Aquino (right))

“It is our pleasure to present Mayra with the Employee of the Quarter award! Mayra consistently shows pride in her work and is a huge asset to the entire portfolio. She wears many hats throughout the day and does them all very well. Mayra is our weekday morning call center representative, and also assists with duties for several managers throughout the region. When Mayra is on military leave, we all feel the impact and cannot wait for her return! Thank you, Mayra, for everything!” -Blair Macdonald, Regional Director, Bellevue 

Dallas Awardee: Jerry Moore, Maintenance Ambassador at Burnett Plaza

“Mr. Moore has been with us a little over a year. His work ethic and character exceed all my expectations. He is extremely dedicated to his job and comes to work every single day with a huge smile, ready to take on the day’s challenges. He never complains, and cleans and maintains all areas that are required of him. He is the model employee. I wish we had more employees like him.“ -Brittany Lauth, Site Manager, Burnett Plaza

NOLA Awardee: Byron Rodgers, Supervisor at Hilton Garden Inn and Hotel Indigo

(Pictured above: Byron Rodgers (left) receiving award from Regional Manager, Travis Noell (right))

“Byron has never called out, will ALWAYS cover any shift and stays late no matter what. Byron will and has always dropped what he was doing in his personal life to help any hotel in my region without any question. He is a prime example of leadership. In one case, there was a very bad accident outside of Hotel Indigo where the vehicle flipped upside down and Byron was the first person running to help and calling the police/ambulance. Byron stayed to help the entire time until rescue arrived. He is always getting compliments from the guests and hotels for his outstanding efforts.” -Travis Noell, NOLA Regional Manager

Upon receiving the award, Byron appreciatively stated, “I’ve always tried hard my whole life and no one has ever noticed but ACE Parking.”

These stories are just a few examples of the countless ways in which ACE Team Members go above and beyond each day to earn a “Thank you” from clients, customers and coworkers.

A complete list of 4th Quarter 2017 Team Member of the Quarter Awardees is included below.

ACE Team Members of the 4th Quarter 2017:
1. Ed Buehler, Cashier at Palm Springs Airport, Palm Springs, CA
2. Rosemary Seanez, Cashier at Collier Center, Phoenix, AZ
3. Jessica Lytle, Lot Attendant at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, CA 
4. Donna Montgomery, Administrator at ACE Call Center, San Diego, CA 
5. Tina Tahara, Cashier in Special Events, San Diego, CA
6. Harold Harris, Systems Administrator at ACE Corporate, San Diego, CA
7. Ghazwan Abdulrahman, Valet at Marriott Gaslamp, San Diego, CA 
8. Paola Francisco, Valet at King Chavez Health Center, San Diego, CA
9. Rosa Diaz De Hueso, Valet at Courtyard Marriott, Santa Monica, CA
10. Rosemary Banks, Lot Attendant at UMD Events, College Park, MD
11. Christina Curtis, Administrator at Buckhead, Atlanta, GA
12. Byron Rodgers, Supervisor at Hilton Garden Inn, New Orleans, LA
13. Daniel Echevarria, Maintenance at QuikPark LAX, Los Angeles, CA
14. Davis Chan, Valet at 415 Taylor St., San Francisco, CA
15. Alex Jimenez, Cashier at 438 W Grand, Oakland, CA
16. Melody Rinehart, Valet at One Pacific Square, Portland, OR 
17. Mayra Aquino, Administrator at Lincoln Square, Seattle, WA
18. Arturo Gomez, Valet at Embassy Suites Hotel, Houston, TX
19. Steven Soto, Asst. Manager at Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, TX
20. Jerry Moore, Maintenance at Burnett Plaza, Dallas, TX
21. Sonia Lara, Receptionist at MacArthur Court, Newport Beach, CA
22. Regina Williams, Valet at Bally’s Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Congratulations to all of our Team Members of the Quarter! ACE is proud to be a part of each of your stories, and honored that you are a part of ours.