ACE Parking’s own Santiago Espinoza was honored with the Irvine Spectrum Valet Employee of the Year Award at a ceremony held today, July 25, 2017. The award recognizes Espinoza’s overall performance, taking into account traits such as engagement, teamwork, initiative, integrity, dependability, job knowledge, peer respect, involvement with the Irvine Spectrum Center and serving as a role model within his department.

Site Manager, James Herrera, stated that foremost among the many reasons Espinoza was selected to receive the award, were his notable commitments to safety, service and team leadership.

“With regards to safety, I recall a conversation I had with Santiago when I first started at the Spectrum.  He was discussing being the greeter on the driveway. He mentioned that it’s not always about making the most money, but the most important thing for him is to be safe; ‘Safety is the most important thing.’ I was impressed by this.  Throughout the year he has shown this to be true and has not been involved in causing any vehicle damage. That is pretty impressive given the high volume of cars we move every day,” stated Herrera, during a speech given to honor Espinoza during today’s award ceremony.

Furthermore, Herrera stated that Espinoza is “always willing to help cover additional duties during his shift and he is a seasoned leader when he is on the driveway. He is always willing to step-up and cover shifts at the last minute and very rarely says no to picking-up shift. He is reliable when he is on the driveway and I know he can handle any issue on his own, which allows me to focus my attention elsewhere.”

Congratulations to Santiago Espinoza on this achievement and thank you for representing ACE with service excellence every day. You make the ACE family proud!

(Shown from left to right) Blake Windal, General Manager, Kyle Schulz, Transportation Manager, James Herrera, and Santiago Espinoza