Keith B. Jones, Owner and Managing Partner at ACE Parking, attended the National Parking Association Winter Leadership Forum as the keynote speaker last week in Scottsdale, Arizona. During the Q & A style session, he talked with David Damus, current CEO of System Property Development Company and former CEO of 5-Star Parking/L&R Parking, about the history and culture of ACE Parking. Commenting on the state of the industry, Jones said, “We must be mindful not to commoditize the parking industry. ACE Parking is not about being the biggest parking company in the country, we are focused on being the absolute best.” He also spoke on what it means to be a family-owned and operated parking company, internal core values and culture, as well as the future of parking operations and transportation. Chairman & CEO of LAZ Parking, Alan Lazowski, publicly commented at the end of Jones’ remarks, “Ladies and gentleman, here is the future of our industry. It’s leaders like Keith!”

Keith B. Jones (left) and David Damus (right) at 2017 NPA Winter Leadership Forum.