ACE is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 ACE Team Member of the Year Awards.  These team members consistently carry out their normal duties with an extraordinarily high level of care and concern, approaching every customer interaction as an opportunity to provide the utmost in service.  Please join us in congratulating these deserving team members.

ACE Team Member of the Year Award Winners:
Lopeti Milo, Commercial Supervisor – Lindbergh Field, San Diego,CA
Mark Maldonado, Valet – Arizona Center, Phoenix, AZ
Muna Mohammed, Cashier – Scripps Mercy, San Diego, CA
Gerry Cardenas, Maintenance – 1246 4th Ave, San Diego, CA
Rose Pepi, Commercial Supervisor – Special Events, San Diego, CA
Jocelyn Kinong, Staff Accountant – ACE Corporate, San Diego, CA
Olga Vasquez, Cashier – Town & Country Resort, San Diego, CA
Clayton Ferguson, Valet – Palomar Medical Center West, Escondido, CA
Bobby Macias, Valet – Le Meridien Delfina, Santa Monica, CA
Firew Ferede, Captain – Buckhead, Atlanta, GA
Andrew Little, Valet – Irvine Spectrum Center, Irvine, CA
Joe Learmonth, Captain – 333 Market Street, San Francisco, CA
Byanca Sagrego, Cashier – 900 13th Street, Sacramento, CA
Matt Brown, Captain – City Center, Bellevue, WA
Jacob Deeba, Captain – Embassy Suites Hilton, Houston, TX
Alfredo Arocha, Doorperson – Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, TX
Manny Rodriguez, Captain – Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX
Dixie Scrivener, Administrative Assistant – Irvine Company Portfolio, La Jolla, CA

Thank you for your outstanding work and service to ACE Parking. Congratulations!