Gary Ham

ACE Parking’s Site Operations Manager at the Omni Hotel San Diego completely exceeded a guest’s expectations recently when he found himself in a challenging situation.

On the morning of June 20, hotel guest Mary M. was waiting for her car to be delivered after checking out of the hotel, but was told her car would not start, likely due to issues related to the car battery or key fob. Already 20 minutes late to a meeting, Mary had to leave her car and take a cab there with yet another meeting in LA at 5pm to worry about. To her surprise upon returning to Omni later that day, her car was ready to go with bags loaded into the trunk. Turns out that Gary had taken it upon himself to contact the local Lexus dealer and run a diagnostic that confirmed the battery issue and have it replaced during his lunch break. Not only was Mary’s car issue resolved, but she know she could make it to the meeting in LA. Gary truly showed the meaning of Every Thank You Earned.