Here at ACE, our staff strives to embody the motto “Every Thank You Earned.” Here is one of our recent stories:

On a summer Saturday night, a vacationing family of five decided to attend a Padres game. After the game, the family realized that they had forgotten which level they parked on and were unable to find their vehicle in the parking garage. Seeing the family in distress, ACE Parking employee David Tolbert rushed to assist them. He directed the family to a safe place to wait, gave the grandparents a chair so they could sit down, located the vehicle and helped the very appreciative family to their car. As a token of their gratitude, the family offered David a very generous tip. David politely refused, stating that it was his pleasure to have met them all and been able to help.

David is one of many ACE employees who brings to life the highest quality of service. The ACE family feels fortunate to have such great employees who look forward to earning our clients and customers ‘thank you.’