On July 9, 2017 Eric Cruz, an ACE Employee, went above and beyond the call of duty when driving the shuttle at LAX. In route around the airport a police officer was in the road needing assistance to apprehend a suspect. The suspect was on top of the office so Eric jumped out of the shuttle to grab the suspects hands allowing the officer to get free. Moments later more officers arrived so Eric then got on the bus went back to work. Later that day the LA Chief of Police reached out to thank Eric and invited him to Police Headquarters. At Headquarters there was a small ceremony where Eric was awarded a bravery coin stating his heroic deed.  

ACE has been around for almost 70 years and does more than take care of cars. We take care of people and our communities. When we say, “Every Thank You Earned”, it means we do whatever it takes to assist you and your customers, day or night, at a moment’s notice. It isn’t just words. It’s our way of doing business. Eric truly exemplified this when he stepped in to help law enforcement. We at ACE are very proud of Eric and want to say Thank You!