Comic-Con 2023

Update 7/10/23: Today’s Comic-Con 2023 public sale opens at 10 AM PDT.


Update 7/5/23: The Group 2 sale opens at 10 AM this morning. The system will open to the public on 7/10/23 at 10 AM PDT.


Update 6/22/23: The Group 1 sale opens on Monday, June 26th, at 10 AM PDT.


Update 6/5/23: The group selection emails have been sent out. The Group 1 sale is on June 26th, and the Group 2 sale is on July 5th. The system opens to the public on July 10th. If you have any questions, please send an email to ACE will not be sending out “did not get selected” emails due to the confusion it has caused in the past. If you didn’t receive a Group 1 or Group 2 email, you can purchase your parking permits when the system opens to the public on July 10th.


ACE Parking will be running the same lottery process we did in years past, and the lottery registration period is now open. If you are unfamiliar with the lottery process, more information is provided below.

Entries for the lottery will be accepted until June 4th, 2023. We will hold the lottery drawing on June 5th and divide the selected entries into groups.

The sale dates are still pending, but we currently expect them to be in late June or early July. The system will be opened to the general public at the end of the group sales.

The groups will have a week to purchase their permits, except the week of the 4th of July. That sale will start on the 5th. Last year there were still plenty of permits available in the system when it opened for the general public. Everyone that participated in the lottery got a permit for parking. We cannot guarantee a spot at any particular location; some locations are more popular than others. However, all locations are within easy walking distance of the Convention Center.

In an effort to stop the sign-up spamming that we have experienced in the past, this year again, we require that you enter a valid credit card as part of the sign-up process. YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED. However, we will run a pre-authorization against it to ensure it is valid.

Two entries per valid credit card using the same or different email addresses are allowed.

You can find the sign-up form here:

If you have any questions, please send them to

Thank you,
The ACE Parking Team

Comic-Con 2023 FAQ
Your assigned group number does not guarantee specific locations. The probability of getting parking at your ideal location is dependent on a variety of factors, including:

  1. The amount of inventory given to us to sell to the public by the venue. This may change from year to year.
  2. The number of vendors who purchase parking. This may change from year to year.
  3. The number of people who participate in the lottery and are allocated to each group. This changes from year to year.
  4. The time at which you log in to the system compared to others and secure parking.

Q: What locations will be included in the sale this year?
A: The locations participating in this year’s sale will be listed below after they are finalized.

Q: What is the link to the site selling the permits?
A: We are releasing the link to the site that will be selling the permits ahead of time, so you will be able to get familiar with the site and set up an account in the system if you so choose. The permits will be sold through our reservation website at The link to the page that will be selling the permits in the system is Credit cards are not stored on the site and the site is entirely PCI compliant.

Q: What are the operating hours for the lots?
A: Most lots will open for drive-up business at the times below. However, there may be cases when the lots open for permit holders only and do not open for drive-up sales until later in the morning. Each lot is different and works to maintain a balance between the reserved spaces and extra inventory.

Convention Center, Hilton Bayfront garage, Padres Parkade, Diamond View Towers: 5 am – 2 am
Tailgate Park, Triangle, MTS: 5 am – 2 am

Q: What is the refund policy for Comic-Con parking reservations?
A: Refunds will be allowed up to ten days before the start of Comic-Con. Within ten days of the event, no refunds will be permitted. There will be a refund fee of $10.00 for any valid refunds processed before the 10-day blackout period.

Q: What is the decal number field in the user account setup?
A: The decal number field is for Associates of ACE Parking Only, and it should be left blank.

Q: Do the lots offer oversized vehicle parking?
A: No, vehicles over 18 feet will be turned away and not allowed to park even with a valid permit. Sorry.

Q: Does my permit include in-and-out privileges for the day?
A: No, in-and-out privileges are not allowed. If you leave the lot, your space will become available for another drive-up customer to park in. Sorry.

Q: Does the online system require me to set up an account to purchase my permits?
A: Yes. You will need to set up an account during the checkout process. Your account will enable system features such as the ability to print your permit in the future and tie all purchased permits to a single barcode that you can carry on your smart device for use at scanner-equipped lots. Your account will be available for future purchases for parking at next year’s Comic-Con and other events with the same barcode assigned to you, which will be replenished with future permit purchases as they are made.

Q: Will the system allow me to purchase multiple permits per day?
A: No. Each account is restricted to one permit per day for Comic-Con. If you need to purchase more than one permit, you will need to set up multiple accounts.

Q: Is there a way to purchase Comic-Con permits other than online?
A: The only way you can purchase advance parking permits for Comic-Con from ACE Parking is through the online system. However, the majority of the lots included in the online sale and others that are not included will be available for drive-up parking on the day of the event. Drive-up availability will be first come, first served for the remaining spaces not reserved online. The lots are expected to fill up fast. If you are planning to find parking on the day of the event, you should get there early.

Q: Can cars be parked overnight? Or just during the hours of the event?
A: Overnight parking is not permitted. The lots close at 2 am and reopen at 6 am (Convention Center opens at 5 am). They close so they can be prepared for the next day. Most lots are pre-sold to full capacity each day, so any cars on the lot after 2 AM will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Q: What if I drive a different car on the day of the event?
A: You will need to update the license plate stored in your account on the SpACE website.

Q: Can I make a copy of my permit and give it to my friend?
A: No. The permits are lot-specific and can only be redeemed once. If a copy is found, the vehicle will be ticketed. If you’ve copied your permit and given it to a friend, the second permit scanned will be in violation and that may end up being your car. The permits are barcoded and lot enforcement personnel will be making the rounds scanning/redeeming them.

Q: Handicap Parking?
A: ADA spaces are first come first served. The Convention Center and Hilton Bay Front are the best choices for ADA parking.

Q: Will the passes sold online include a fee?
A: Yes, a convenience fee will be added per permit per day at checkout.

Q: Why am I being charged a convenience fee?
A: Yes, we do our best to make pre-purchasing parking as easy as possible so that fans can reserve parking ahead of time online. The convenience fee covers resources spent on making this option available and includes web hosting, ticketing hardware, customer support, training, credit and debit card processing services, merchant fees, computer hardware and software, telephone lines, labor, and more.

Q: If I send in multiple entries from multiple email accounts that I own and win one of them, can I purchase my permit with any of the emails I registered with or only the one that won?
A: Only the one that won. Your winning email address must be registered in the account you are going to use to purchase the permits. The purchase process will require you to log into your account first and will validate your email address. If your email address matches one on the selected list, you will be given the option to purchase a permit at the lot your name was drawn for. If there is no match, the option to purchase a permit will not be available to you.

Q: Can I register for the drawing with an email address that I haven’t registered an account within the permit system?
A: Yes. Accounts in the permit system are separate from the registration emails. If one of the email accounts you entered from is selected to purchase a permit, you have the option to create an account for that email address or update your existing account with that email address to qualify for the purchase option.

Q: If my entry is selected for a lot, can I purchase a permit for multiple days or just a single day?
A: When you enter the system to purchase your permit, you will have the option to purchase permits for all five days during the show (preview night and four show days.)

Q: Can I register multiple times for the lottery?
A: Yes, the system will accept two entries per valid credit card.